STEVEN LEE STAFFORD                        Missing: 4/7/1997                  Found: 12/21/1997

Sex: Male.    


DOB: Age 20 at the time of disappearance


Clothing: Blue jeans, a gray and blue flannel shirt, and ankle-high boots.

On April 7, 1997 Steven Lee Stafford (20 years old) was working on a construction job ​site in the area of Pioneer near Highway 88. Stafford reportedly got into an argument and ​walked off the job site without anyone seeing him leave. At the time he left, Stafford was ​reportedly wearing blue jeans, a gray and blue flannel shirt and ankle high boots. 

​A missing persons report was taken at the time and a search of several locations was ​conducted. A missing persons bulletin was distributed throughout the county and to ​surrounding agencies. 

​On December 21, 1997, a hiker discovered human skeletal remains in the steep wooded ​area of the Mokelumne River canyon, below River Road. At autopsy, the remains were ​identified as that of Stafford. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma ​to the head. 

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