We will not stop hunting.

These are missing person cases that we will discuss and the circumstances or information that is known at the time the person went missing. Click on their photos to learn more about them. These cases will never grow cold and must be solved.

Human Hunters-Phillip Cabot Lloyd Martin

Phillip Cabot Lloyd Martin

Phillip was 47 years old at the time he went missing from Stockton, CA on 9/30/1993.


Human Hunters-Christie L. Wilson

Christie L. Wilson

Christie was 27 years old at the time she went missing from Lincoln, CA on 10/5/2005.


Human Hunters-Dena Viola Mchan

Dena Viola McHan

Dena was 18 years old at the time she went missing from between Sacramento and Stockton, CA at approx. 2 am on 12/7/1981. More...

WE Need Your Help

We are always working on cases and if you have information on any missing person case, please use the form below to contact us. While we would appreciate to know who you are, you can submit the form anonymously since none of the fields are required.

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