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Casey Anthony’s Former Bodyguard Reveals Her First Question After Leaving Jail

And It Wasn’t About Caylee!

Dec 1, 2016 at 12:11 pm

When Casey Anthony left jail after 30 days she only had one question — and it had nothing to do with her daughter, Caylee, who was missing for 60 days at the time. “Here’s a mom in jail for the last 30 days. Supposedly not knowing where her child is for 60 days now First question — what do you think it would be? ‘Have you heard anything good?’” her former bodyguard, Rob Dick, said on the Allegedly podcast.

He continued, “She was just completely happy, excited to see her parents. [She asked] ‘What’s for dinner? Jail food sucks.’ There’s that moment right then what we’ve got a problem. It’s not about getting out and finding your child.”

Rob called the experienced “craziness” and made the shocking accusation that Casey killed her daughter — despite being acquitted. “I still question why the world’s fascination with it,” he said. “There are lots of women out there that killed their kid — and I do say killed their kid.”

Caylee’s official cause of death was ruled “death by undetermined causes,” but the medical examiner ruled it a homicide.

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