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Where The hunters become the hunted

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All Videos

Human Hunters-Rob Dick

Rob Dick has worked as a Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Private Investigator, and Bounty Hunter. Investigations have always been his passion and he considers himself first and foremost an investigator. Over the years, he has been involved in many high profile investigations throughout the world.  This site and podcast is where the conversations will continue to evolve leading to the solving of many more cases.

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Human Hunters-Support Patreon

Rob Dick donates his time and supplies to solve missing person cases. If you would like to support Human Hunters you will be directly supporting the ongoing efforts of Rob and his team in solving missing person cases.

Human Hunters-Become a Bounty Hunter

Do you have what it takes to be a bounty hunter? Learn more about what it takes to become one! 

While learning from one of the best investigators within the industry.

Human Hunters-Store

Our Store is Almost Here! 

Soon you will be able to purchase swag with the prceeds going to help fund the search.

WE Need Your Help

We are constantly working on cases and always looking for new leads.  If you or someone you know has information on any missing person case, contact us using the form below.  Please note that your privacy will be respected, however tips may be made anonymously if you choose.  None of the identifying fields are required.

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